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Escorted Touring to all 7 Continents

Collette offers a high quality, escorted touring experience for everyone. With a range of different tours styles to all 7 continents; from Alaska to Australia, Rio to Russia - order your free brochure now and begin your next travel experience.

Collette's passion is to bring you closer to your chosen destination, so you don't just visit - you truly have a cultural experience.

To make your trip personal to you, Collette offers a range of different activity levels, durations and tour styles - whether you're looking for a relaxing way to discover your destination, involving boat rides, walking tours and cooking demonstrations or exhilarating once in a lifetime experiences such as zip-lining through the Costa Rican rain forest - Collette has it all.

With Collette's featured culinary inclusions, it certainly doesn't just mean you will be dining at your accommodation - you could find yourself at the wildly entertaining Dolly Parton's stampede & amp; dinner show in Tennessee or savouring a Renaissance-style dinner at a medieval castle near Budapest.

To truly discover what your destination has to offer, order your free Collette Worldwide Escorted Touring - Brochure here.

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