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Your ticket to inspiring travel

Encounters Travel understand that no two voyages are the same. Every trip starts, runs and finishes in a different way. However, they do insist on some consistencies: value, excitement and variety.

Their global packages will plunge you into an experience of discovery and exhilaration, taking you into the core of each culture with expertise and authenticity.

  • Worldwide destinations - have the world at your fingertips
  • Meticulous itineraries - truly authentic but with plenty of free time
  • Small groups - enjoy a higher level of intimacy and attention
  • Expert guides - local knowledge means your holiday is hassle-free
  • Accommodation - 3 to 5 stars ensures you're always comfortable
In addition to superbly organised trips and great guides, the the Encounters Travel newsletter boasts a range of themed packages. Choose from trips which include treks, safaris and cultural tours - so you can tailor an expedition to your tastes.

Trust a tour operator who's dedicated to giving you the best time away. Picture yourself seeing the pyramids for the first time; walking alongside elephants in Tanzania; sailing down the Mekong river in Vietnam or relaxing by the beach in the magical Maldives.

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