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Culture, style and luxury - inside and out

If you want a holiday on the move without the hassle, where you can watch the world go by in comfort and class, choose PTG tours.

See the landscapes and cultures of your choice from the luxury of a deluxe train - taking you to where you want to go in style.

Sit back, relax and experience the many benefits of a rail-based holiday:
  • Around the world - ride the rails of Europe, Asia, the Americas and more
  • Choose your theme - indulge in some luxury or experience an adventure
  • Enthusiast voyages - enjoy the excitement of famous trips and trains
  • Off train activities - get out and dive into unique cultures and wildlife
  • Luxury accommodation - whatever trip you choose, almost always 4*
  • Plenty for everyone - themes, prices and trips to suit your needs
PTG holidays pride themselves in giving you a completely unique experience wherever you go. Whether you're a railway enthusiast or simply trying something new, their varied range of themes are tailored to every taste.

Culture, Luxury, Adventure or Enthusiast - which do you want?

Choose from 4 sets of packages to suit your ideal holiday. Culture packages are classic tours designed for easy going days with plenty of off-train activities - so you can experience the sounds, sights and smells of each location.

The luxury trains of Spain and Africa propel you through stunning landscapes in pure indulgence - so you can enjoy the finer things. Adventure packages take you to far-flung places away from the tourist trail and show you a side of the world you never thought existed.

Enthusiast voyages are for those with a love of all things rail. Using mainly private charter trains, travel is on unusual lines and gives you a sense of history and excitement not possible elsewhere.

With locations from Greece, Scandinavia or the UK to Brazil, Thailand and Australia, there's a location for everyone.

Order your PTG Tours brochure today and set off on a holiday with a real difference.
PTG Tours - Rail and Culture Brochure
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