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Potters Big Band
Few things stir up ones passions like the sight and sound of a professional orchestra exquisitely playing the music you love. Revel in the magnitude, vigour and beauty of a 'Big Band' experience with Potters Resort's broad collection of talented musicians, renowned orchestras and striking venues.

Whether you're all about swing or you enjoy revisiting timeless classics from the golden age of Hollywood, Potters Resort Big Band evenings feature a musical variety to satisfy any individual tastes.

Why not experience the magical arrangements and breathtaking expertise of Chris Smith and his String of Pearls? Having worked with Frank Sinatra and other international super stars, Chris Smith and his band have delighted audiences all over the world with their spellbinding versatility and captivating music.

If you're moved by traditional classics and the eternal charm of a bygone era, The Glenn Miller Orchestra UK pays expert homage to the original composition by maintaining the same stage line–up as originally devised as well as by playing the unmistakeable sounds of Glenn Miller in a unique and authentic manner.

To indulge yourself in unforgettable evenings of striking music, magnificent culture and expert talent, order your Potters Resort Big Band brochure now and let yourself be transported to somewhere magical.