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Discover Extraordinary Persian Countries

Golden Eagle Luxury Trains invite you on a Persian Odyssey to see a unique culture. Request the brochure today for inspiration on the trip of your lifetime!

The Persian Odyssey tour is an 18-day adventure exploring the Middle East and all of the treasures it has to offer. You'll see world heritage sites like the ancient city of Khiva and the unrestored remains of the Merv.

Visit Moscow and see architectural masterpieces like St Basil's Cathedral. Dine at Cafe Pushkin, a legendary restaurant with incredible decor and delicious Russian Cuisine.

Discover Uzbekistan and see Samarkand's impressive architecture and renowned attractions like Registan Square. One of the highlights of the trip includes a wonderful tour of the Ark in Bukhara, a dramatic fortress from the 15th century with a hidden past!

You're in safe hands with Golden Eagle, you can expect top of the range cabins with en-suite facilities and 24-hour cabin attendant service.

Prices start at £14,985 per person.

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Golden Eagle Luxury Trains - Persian Odyssey