Roman luxury, modern treats, magical visits

If you've ever found yourself caught between two worlds, Bath will indulge you with its unique combination of ancient wonders and contemporary delights.

A city as innovative and modern as it is steeped in culture and age-old history, there's room throughout its cobbled streets and sweeping countryside for whatever holiday you have planned.

Whether to explore a staggeringly well-preserved World Heritage Site or discover the local personality of its breathtaking centre, Bath is a tourist destination you can't afford to miss.
  • Roman heritage - walk where the Romans did and see intricate structures rarely seen elsewhere
  • Architecture - view sweeping Georgian designs such as the Royal Crescent and the Circus
  • Spas - pamper yourself with luxurious spa treatments in natural, thermal waters
  • Rural wonders - explore the local landscape and nearby sites such as Bristol and Stonehenge

A unique visit every time

No two stays are the same. With a bustling event list, dynamic attractions and thriving boutique shops, you won't find yourself short of things to do .

Whether with the kids, friends or loved ones, you can be sure that Bath will deliver exactly what you'd hope for and more.

Order your Bath and Beyond brochure now to start planning the perfect visit.
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Bath and Beyond BrochureLinda F. Daughter just gone to Bath uni - v. useful indeed. Ordered additional copy.
Bath and Beyond BrochureRose AnnMarie S. am going to Bath next month. will visit sites in catalogue, already have accommodation
Bath and Beyond BrochureROBERT H. Have not used any of them yet but will in the future
Bath and Beyond BrochureVictor G. Short Break for 2007
Bath and Beyond BrochureD M. Given to my mother as a present
Bath and Beyond BrochureKaren O. May order at later date
Bath and Beyond BrochureNatalya G. Good
Bath and Beyond BrochureJEAN N. Good
Bath and Beyond BrochureSheila S. very interesting and will be very usefull
Bath and Beyond BrochureAlan D. very informative
Bath and Beyond BrochureFiona C. always loved the area, now I know more about it
Bath and Beyond BrochureLinda J. really useful
Bath and Beyond BrochureDavina D. i have to decide where i am going to go yet but great fo give me best ideas of where to go
Bath and Beyond BrochureNatasha A. very informative and easy to read
Bath and Beyond BrochureSam H. received really quickly
Bath and Beyond BrochureBob H. Informative & nicely presented. Has given me some new ideas for weekend visits
Bath and Beyond BrochureGILL S. Excellent information, presented beutifully,extremely useful!
Bath and Beyond BrochureLee H. great choice of night time things to do
Bath and Beyond BrochureJane C. wanted to go and now seeing whats on offer i have booke a weekend away for me and my husband.
Bath and Beyond BrochurePete M. All adverts. I wanted a guide to show my daughter where will visit. All I found was a few pictures of the usual attractions.
Bath and Beyond BrochureJulie C. great info brochures
Bath and Beyond BrochureAlan B. smaller than i expected but very infomative
Bath and Beyond BrochureJoy A. This was my favourite, very good layout and content
Bath and Beyond BrochureAmanda H. after ideas where to visit
Bath and Beyond BrochureNigel L. Great Brochure
Bath and Beyond BrochurePaul P. We are off to Somerset this May and will be using booklet to find things to do and places to eat. More web links to wider info such as small-child friendly walks, cycle routes, and the Strawberry Line which is a gem I came across on TV recently
Bath and Beyond BrochureDavid S. Very informative brochure
Bath and Beyond BrochureJeni R. Too expensive
Bath and Beyond BrochureLinda B. I thought this was about Bath not hotels & guest houses.
Bath and Beyond BrochureFrances U. Arrived quickly
Bath and Beyond BrochureJacqueline T. will vist bath
Bath and Beyond BrochureLillian S. I will go this year
Bath and Beyond BrochureFatima K. it`s really great catalogue
Bath and Beyond BrochurePatricia K. excellent information and photos
Bath and Beyond BrochureMargaret H. Extremely informative
Bath and Beyond BrochureKathryn R. a dream very good
Bath and Beyond BrochureHelen A. Contents very good, but I cant afford a holiay at the moment
Bath and Beyond BrochureJune T. lovely place
Bath and Beyond BrochurePaul S. great info, thanks
Bath and Beyond BrochureWilliam C. pacted full of good ideas for a good holiday
Bath and Beyond BrochureRussell B. clear guide
Bath and Beyond BrochureROS L. well presented brochure easy to read and informative on all accommodations and places of interest
Bath and Beyond BrochureWilliam T. veryhappy
Bath and Beyond BrochureSUSAN G. FAST DELIVERY
Bath and Beyond BrochureAGNIESZKA S. Great visitor guide !!!
Bath and Beyond BrochureMaureen M. excellent booklet
Bath and Beyond BrochureSimon S. brochure helping to plan future trip, thanks
Bath and Beyond BrochureCaron E. Definitely a booking in the future - I adore Bath, Bristol and Somerset


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